Heal yourself with the calm ocean view with spacious atmosphere in an exotic Bali-style rooms with an Asian twist.

An ocean view with relaxing sound of surf.
Take a private moment with your partner and enjoy the Jacuzzi in a resort setting.
Escape from the urban stress and start your vacation with some subtle sound of waves at Onjyuku.
*Please provide swimwear for Jacuzzi usage.


Peaceful moment for the two of you...

Step out of the lounge and be welcomed to an ecstatic ocean view.
Feel the comfortable sea breeze under some parasol on the sundeck.


Treat your special occasion with a full course french cuisine for two!

Our master chef will offer some special cuisine with the region's freshest and best materials.


Time for a special private moment..

Enjoy some romantic time under a candle light after the dinner and let the night begin with some memorable moments.


Take some relaxing time at our luxury terrace..

Wake up to our breakfast brunch with our variety of sandwich selections.

Enjoy them at the deck or in your room, or just have a nice meal in the restaurant.

Enjoy the view with your morning coffee and all you can enjoy sandwiches only at Sayan Terrace.


Make a memorable moment..

Enjoy your stay at our resort with wide coastal views and sound of calming waves.

At Onjyuku coast Sayan Terrace, you can begin your special memories here.


Enjoy your stay at our spacious Japanese style room with a family.

Perfect for large sized family to enjoy.
Exotic tatami mat room offers spacious atmosphere with a remarkable ocean view.
Mountain view offers reasonable rates.
Small children will receive a special amenity gifts!


Enjoy the beach with your family and friends!

Only steps to the ocean from the hotel, enjoy your day with some marine fun!
Pool and Jacuzzi is at the resort if you prefer to stay close by. (Summer time only)
*Small children are not allowed due to 100cm depth of pool.


Enjoy our french cuisine, even for children too!

We have special kid's french cuisine meal if they want to try out some good cuisine.

Boso peninsula offers many activities you can see and experience for enjoyment.

Many places to visit close by at Sayan Terrace Boso peninsula for more than a full day of fun and enjoyment!

Kamogawa Sea World

Themed with lifetime of water, Eco-aquarium is reproduced in the
pristine environment which shows the flow from natural river streams to the open ocean.

Isumi railway

Isumi railway

Experience a joyful train ride with your family and kids!
The train ride is about 27km from JR Ohara Station thru Kazusanakano Train Station.
Kid's can enjoy specially decorated trains!
Have a fun family time on the train ride!

Mother Farm

Discover the four season's flowers and mingle with the farm animals.
Refresh yourself with natural clean air and enjoy the nature.

Ichihara Elephant Land

Interact with many animals at the zoo!
Come see the elephant show or ride the elephant around the park!
Experience the elephant ride for some excitement!

Mother Farm

Tokyo Germany Village

Ride the duck boat or a ferris wheel, have fun ion the trampoline and archery with the kids!
Come and enjoy some fun under the sun at a huge grassland full of activities!

Enjoy the "Thalasso & Stay plan"
Only 20 minutes drive from Sayan Terrace, at Thermes Marins Pacifique offers Thalasso therapy spa. This plan is a great value with accomodation at Sayan Terrace and thalasso spa therapy package plan!

Thalasso therapy was created from rich natural environment which offers heath and beauty healing by organic and natural methods.

"Hydrotherapy" uses the fresh seawater of Katsuura-Okitsu coast.
"Argo Therapy" is a spa method using mineral rich seaweed paste.
"Kinejitherapy" utilizes the characteristics of seawater to carry out exercise and massage.
"Climat Therapy" was adopted from clean air from the ocean for treatment to your body rejuvenation.

"Thermes Marins Pacifique" is a special gift from the ocean.
Relax your body with thalassotherapy, our therapists utilizing ocean's natural gift and technology and hospitality will rejuvenate your body.

Aquatonic Plan

You may choose to select your own ala carte treatment and create your own therapeutic session as well.

Aquatonic Plan + accommodation date
  WeekdayDay before a holidaySpecific date
1 night with breakfast1 guests¥12,600¥15,680¥18,760
2 or more people use¥11,520¥14,600¥17,680
1 night with two meals1 guests¥16,760¥19,790¥22,870
2 or more people use¥15,680¥18,710¥21,790

*Aquatonic Plan:Aquatonic Plan Weekday ¥4,320, Sat., Sun., Holiday ¥5,400, Weekday ¥9,000・Sat., Sun., Holiday ¥11,000, Dinner ¥4,000

Thalasso Trial Plan

Please select from one, our popular argo pack treatment or Picina relaxation group.
Perfect recommendation for first time or for simple relaxation.

Aqua tonic (including free space) + Argo pack or, Pishina relaxation group + accommodation
  WeekdayDay before a holidaySpecific date
1 night with breakfast1 guests¥18,050¥21,130¥24,210
2 or more people use¥16,970¥20,050¥23,130
1 night with two meals1 guests¥22,16025,240¥28,320
2 or more people use¥21,080¥24,160¥27,240

*Aquatonic Plan:Thalasso Therapy Weekday¥10,800・Sat., Sun., Holiday¥13,880, Weekday¥9,000・Sat., Sun., Holiday¥11,000, Dinner ¥4,000

Thalasso 2days plan [Limited 5 rooms / day]

Spend two full days of thalassothearapy in our popular accomodation plan. Either you want to enjoy private time or with a partner, enjoy your stay at this luxurious setting and relax your body to the full extent. This is a very popular plan so make your reservations early!

Aqua tonic (including free space) and 2 days + Argo pack + Pishina relaxation group + Banje + group treatments one + accommodation
  WeekdayDay before a holidaySpecific date
1 night with breakfast1 guests¥27,820¥30,900¥33,980
2 or more people use¥26,740¥29,820¥32,900
1 night with two meals1 guests¥31,930¥35,010¥38,090
2 or more people use¥30,850¥33,930¥37,010

* [Limited 5 rooms / day]
*Aquatonic Plan:Thalasso Therapy Weekday¥25,775・Sat., Sun., Holiday¥26,825, Weekday ¥9,000・Sat., Sun., Holiday¥11,000, Dinner ¥4,000, Dinner¥4,000

* 1 guests is, ¥1,050 UP。
* each plan charge includes tax. Please purchase at Sayan Terrace.
* The Aqua tonic includes relaxation room, sauna usage and cafe in the hotel.
* Thalasso 2 days plan of treatment is offered in two separate days.
* Same day breakfast plan cannot be changed. Please make one day prior notice for any changes if needed.
* We apologize but this plan is not available for pregnant woman. Please acknowledge our inconvenience.